Container Bar


Our 20ft container bars arrive ready to stock and serve. Pre installed serving bar, back bar and under counter storage suitable for fridges or ice bins.

We can customise the finishes, add branding inside and out and completely re-clad the exterior if required.

We can also build bespoke orders where you have specific requirements for a larger project. See more at for a build and fit out that included reception, studios, cafe, vip area, balcony and much more.


Standard interior is laminate and hips mirror with endless bespoke options possible.


Able to serve up to 500 per bar based on 5 bar staff. Catering for a huge event, why not book 2?

Sample Pricing

  • 20ft container bar

    from £1,425.00 plus transport

  • 20ft container bar and roof terrace

    from £1995.00 plus transport